Construction zone and renovation anxiety

Dated: November 22 2018

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November 21, 2018

Our renovation project is well underway. It is passed the destruction phase, but it feels like a permanent state of disarray. I have the fortune of being married to someone who loves to renovate… he swears a lot and falls asleep at 8pm every night during projects, but maintains he loves it. One thing I have learned by being married to someone like him, is that there we are always in renovation mode, aka a state of disarray. As he calls it “construction mode.:   Something I have learned about being in a constant state of renovation, DIY unite, is that I don’t survive well in construction or renovation mode. I don’t like sawdust or drywall dust on the bottom of my feet or floating into my coffee in the morning. I am feeling a little high maintenance when I say that.

However, I do love the end product. I love waking up in my new room with the apple trees just outside my window. I love sitting at my custom desk looking out into our green backyard where my chocolate lab runs around ALL day. I cherish the family game nights in our sunroom, where electronics are not allowed. Well, electronics are not allowed during waking hours of the kids. I must admit I take a glass of wine and my laptop in there at night and binge Homeland on Netflix.  I know, double standard.

Ok back to construction mode. With all of that being said, I have to find a way to learn to live in construction mode when we embark on the renovations. With the Jensen Ave renovation project, I don’t have to live there. I must remember that this is my place of work. I go in to do a job, not bake a cake.

There are a few occasions where I have gone in to work with James for the day. I walk in, fill a couple of holes and walk right back out. Yelling I have to go meet a client.  He figured out pretty quick that I had a case of construction zone anxiety. He called my bluff.

Soon thereafter, I assigned myself yard duty. I thought that I would systematically desensitize myself to the renovation / construction anxiety (thanks $40 000 and a university degree). If I spend time cutting the grass, trimming the trees, and cleaning up branches, I would eventually go into the home and work in the mess.

My next step was standing in the garage, door open of course, cleaning the wood kitchen cupboards in preparation for painting. Yes, I am getting closer to the inside. I spent a couple sunny fall days prepping the cabinet doors.

After going in a few times to help James lift something or give my opinion, I felt I could enter without snapping and storming out. What a helpful employee I am?!

Well this week I spent two days upstairs painting. I am cured!!!! Did I mention that the only construction upstairs was in the bathroom and the upstairs was not actually a renovation zone? So I suppose I am not cured… but hey it’s a step in the right direction.

Maybe next month I’ll go downstairs.

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Construction zone and renovation anxiety

November 21, 2018Our renovation project is well underway. It is passed the destruction phase, but it feels like a permanent state of disarray. I have the fortune of being married to someone who

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