Holiday Season Safety: Keep that Grinch Away

Dated: December 7 2018

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Present thieves are among us!! Can you believe that people actually steal presents at Christmas?! Well they do. Actually, the holiday season is a high crime time for property offences due to all the goods people carry around.  I am not trying to be the Grinch and ruin holiday spirit, but how would you feel if your presents were stolen? Or a bottle of rum (for yummy egg nog in the festive moose head glass) was left on the front seat of your car and your window was smashed. Unfortunately, these things happen all the time.

When I was policing I always felt terrible going to a break in at someone’s house while they were at work. Presents and liquor gone. Piggy banks emptied. And sometimes, damage done to the house. You don’t often see day time break and enters much during the year, but bad guys know we all have extra food booze, money, and presents stashed around.

Protect yourself, your stuff, and your house by doing a few simple things: 

1. Don't leave presents or liquor in your car. Easy to see items are too tempting to steal.

2. Lock your car up. Activate an alarm. Cover up any items you have in your vehicle, with a blanket or coat.  Some people have to hide their kids presents in the car.. consider asking a friend to stash your gifts, or leave them under your desk at work for a couple of weeks.

3. If you are out at night, park in well-lit areas around other cars or business. Thieves like darkness.  If they are visible they can’t do bad stuff as easily. This not only will help protect your car, but also is better for personal safety when out alone at night.

4. In addition to #2, have your keys in your hands ready to go when going out to your vehicle after an evening shop or leaving a holiday party. As you approach press the unlock button. This usually lights up the interior of the car and allows you to see inside.  Don’t be caught with your head down, in the dark, searching through your purse or bags. Be safe.

5. When you are at work for the day or night, lock up your house. Just like Santa, thieves know that you are at work, have an empty house, and have lots of good stuff inside. They can take their time! 

6. If you go away this time of year put lights on timers, have a friend or neighbour check in, even if it is to put fresh footprints in the snow, and hide your good stuff. If you don't have an alarm put up stickers anyway. Turn on motion activated outdoor lights. Anything to make them think twice. 

 7.  The new trend in present stealing is to follow around delivery drivers and steal our delivered packages from the door step. Some thieves are very organized. Too bad they didn’t use their skills for good instead of evil. If you are having a delivery, make arrangements for a hidden spot or ask a neighbour to meet the driver.

 8. I could go on forever, but it’s Christmas and not everyone is out to steal your stuff. So be kind, be generous, love one another, and give to someone in need.

 Be sure to share these tips with your friends and family. Call anytime for more unsolicited advice  :0 

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Holiday Season Safety: Keep that Grinch Away

Present thieves are among us!! Can you believe that people actually steal presents at Christmas?! Well they do. Actually, the holiday season is a high crime time for property offences due to all the

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