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January 7, 2019

 Happy New Years to you all. Hope everyone got through the holidays unscathed and a little heavier from pie and turkey.  I know I am!

People keep asking me about our house flip project and what is happening. So quick update. We are nearing the end. Appliances are going in, the painting is finished, and we hope to start baseboards this weekend. It feels like the never-ending story, but I feel the end is close.

During this project I have come to realize the benefit of working with a team. We are a team of 2. Let’s be honest, a team of 1 1/2 though James seems to do the work of two people. Our team are those that help when we need it most. I have also come to realize that help comes in many forms.

My mom picks the kids up from school, drops a lunch and beer off at the house, or makes dinner. My best friend comes to paint for two days. James’ friend spends two days on his hand and knees laying floors.  A client who is an electrician comes to trouble shoot a pesky switch. Another offers to babysit for a few hours. The list is endless.

Without the help and support of these people a project of this size would not be possible; or would at least cost us $1000 in couples’ therapy.

We watch the HGTV home renovation and home flip shows and see the whole project done in an hour by a team of 30 professionals. It can be demoralizing at times when you look at the work completed for the day and realize only one room is finished, or you still have two coats of paint to apply.  But then the kids wander in with their mini-paintbrushes and offer to help paint trim and ‘measure up stuff.’ Don’t worry they were never in charge (for long). 


As I look back on the last few months at all the helping hands and support we have received, it is quite uplifting. Instead of saying, “wow there is so much work to do what have you gotten into?”; they are saying “this looks great, and you are getting so close.”


We are getting close! Another week or two and this house flip project will be listed for sale in Parksville

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January 7, 2019 Happy New Years to you all. Hope everyone got through the holidays unscathed and a little heavier from pie and turkey.  I know I am!People keep asking me about our house

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